Dear Choral Directors,

As Director of Choral Festival at BCOFF, I am excited to once again offer you a great performance opportunity for your students. This year will be the 2nd year of the Balikpapan Choral, Orchestra, and Folklore Festival (BCOFF). It is being held in conjunction with Balikpapan Tourism Board, August 7-10, 2019.

Because of the tremendous response and participation in last years’ BCF, we have had to place a cap on the number of students we are able to take. We will give consideration to the first 40 groups responding, with latest participants having first priority. It is my desire to invite the participants as much as possible. We will take applications, accompanied by the appropriate fees, in the order in which we receive them. We will be happy to take early applications.

Attached, you will find many others information you need in our handbook. — (applications, with appropriate fees attached). The entry fee will be a IDR 1,500,000 per group and 250,000 per member for registration. Of course, this year’s fee will include the cost of a ;

  1. All Tickets to BCOFF competition activities (1 per member)
  2. Award and Closing Ceremony (1 per member)
  3. Festival Gifts ; Program Book, Goodie Bag and Souvenir (1 per member)
  4. Diploma of Achievement (1 per choir)
  5. Scoring Sheet and Jury’s Comments via Email (1 per choir)

We also provide accommodation package which are include meals, hotel, and transportation. Please contact the Participant Department at for those options. As previous year’s closing gala, this year we are again excited to present City of Balikpapan Orchestra to perform at the event.

I hope that you will be excited about the BCOFF2-2019 and will participate in this event. Please notify us by e-mail or phone your interest in participating in this event. I look forward to hearing from you.


Director of Choral Festival

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